Future Strategy Invest


• Be the most strategic, privately funded actor in the development field in sub-Sahara Africa and beyond, bringing appropriate interventions that address real development needs, and create wealth potential for all.


• Develop strategic partnerships that will create the synergy required to:
- Provide appropriate technologies at realistic prices
- Build creative teams that will address obstacles to development
- Provide a resource pool that will boldly invest in the people, technologies and opportunities that provide reasonable potential for growth and wealth.
• Along with every stakeholder, invest in people and the creation of enterprises with the prime objective of creating wealth for all stakeholders.
• Develop sound business opportunities that address real community and environmental needs.
• Empower emerging entrepreneurs towards the management and ownership of such enterprises.

• With a focus on energy and food production, develop and/or take ownership in enterprises that serve as models of success . 

Invest Activities

Future Strategy Invest is currently involved in the a variety of projects that include the following:
• Plastic-to-Diesel Pyrolysis Project (South Africa)
• Establishment of small scale mining (Zimbabwe)
• Development and provision of innovative data security products (Globally)
• Establishment of Entrepreneurial Development Chapters in previous disadvantaged communities (South Africa)
• Etc.