Future Strategy Xplor


• Be the most progressive strategic consultancy in Sub-Sahara Africa and beyond, applying universal principals of growth and prosperity towards the exploration of new possibilities, ground breaking technologies, innovative solutions and dynamic intervention that will improve the livelihood, wealth and happiness of both our clients and the world in which we live.


• Master the use of innovative technologies and dynamic systems that will empower corporations and individuals in conceiving and managing their futures.

• Provide corporations and individuals with the required framework through which innovative planning, constructive implementation and dynamic leadership can be synergized towards the successful implementation of every project, program or development.

Target Market

Future Strategy Xplor typically seeks to serve and assist individuals and business that may require assistance is defining, exploring and implementing a strategic plan towards a new objective, product or project,  and secures innovative and appropriate technology solutions that address challenges within its context.
The following type of clients would benefit from the assistance and services that Future Strategy Xplor would offer:
• Enterprises that may be:
o Looking to expand into greater markets.
o Want to redefine their position and purpose in the marketplace.
o Expand their product range
o Develop new products
• Emerging entrepreneurs:
o Who need assistance in developing a business plan
o Who need to reassess their business growth plan
• NGO’s:

o Who seek appropriate, quality and durable technology solutions


• Strategy Sessions (think-tank sessions in which a common strategy is formulated through a collective process) • Personal consultations
• Secure, supply and logistical support for our range of quality products

Xplor Products

Future Strategy Xplor provides innovative and appropriate technologies to a variety of clients. These include NGO’s, corporations and governments.

Our product range is limited and focused on quality, durability, support and suitability. Typically we supply our stock in bulk quantities to clients who either distribute them in bulk (crisis interventions etc) or retail them to selective and targeted markets.